What are we all about?

What We Offer?

At Peacock Concierge, we believe that the most pleasant and most efficient processes thrive on simplicity. In that way, our process of operation is direct, simple, and refreshingly streamlined.

Supercharge Your Productivity

Through the use of Peacock Concierge’s One-to-One personal assistant service, clients can get more done in a day than they ever thought possible! Our thoroughly trained assistants can streamline demanding schedules, book and confirm daily meetings, and make sure to efficiently organize and optimize the client’s day for maximum success.

Flow Through Your Life

Our professionally trained service agents are the perfect solution for resolving the clutter of unpaid bills, tedious to-do lists, and overflowing responsibilities that face our busy and elite clientele. Through this dedicated attention to detail and immediate response service, our aim is to make sure our clients are continuously less stressed and more focused in their daily interactions.!

Maximize Every Minute

With Peacock Concierge as their lifestyle companion our clients can finally spend more time on big picture thinking. They are more able to focus on building new and exciting projects. They can give more time and attention to themselves and to their personal goals. They can achieve and excel more with each and every day, all while knowing that Peacock Concierge is there to give them the support they need to get there.

We provide you with the best industry standard in personal assistance service both within the GCC region and across global business practices. We invite you to make full use of our grand suite of luxurious concierge services today.