VIVA Elite

An exclusive program can only have so many members; limited spaces required us to set criteria that determine the selection process. High-end users, loyal customers with years of service and users with a good payment history are among a few things we consider.

VIVA Elite has been created to reward our most valued and loyal customers by offering an ever expanding range of unique features which cater to your busy lifestyle.


24/7 Personal assistant and concierge service.

The life of all VIVA's ELITE is peacefull and easy going as they can relax and rely on an amazing team to aid in their daily tasks and errands.


Can you be at two places at the same time?

No need with our amazing messengers they can be there on your behalf, run errands for you and more....


Get the priviledge as a VIVA Elite Memeber to access airport lounges world wide free

Avoid airport hassle and indulge in the comfort and luxury of our lounges